Creative workshops and courses 

Being creative is a passion here at the Hub.

We work with various charities and organisations providing exciting, enjoyable and inclusive classes and workshops.


We offer a variety of creative courses, and we tailor everything to meet the needs of the learners, so no two lessons are the same. Most importantly, confidence and friendships are built as we go along.


We take a therapy approach to our classes and use activities and games to help develop skills for life.


All of our teachers are passionate and experienced at working with people with additional needs.


Give us a call to see what we can offer you or your organisation.

Fiona, parent of a Phonic Hub learner

My autistic son attended Phonic Hub music sessions believing he was participating in a music group. He was, but what he didn't realise was that as well as learning music he was learning listening skills, turn taking, respect for others opinions and choices and how to participate in a group. He felt valued, his confidence grew, he made friends and, most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed himself. The group and the music relaxed him, helped him feel more positive and gave him enormous pleasure. Each person was given opportunity to shine in their own way and encouraged to support each other to reach their goals and potential.

What started as a music group proved to be so much more.

Thank you.

Working with these excellent organisations !