What to expect from a Phonic Hub music class 

No two workshops are the same at Phonic Hub. Our classes are tailored for the needs of the people attending the session and, although structured, they are fluid to accommodate different learning abilities, age and interests of the learners.

Musical concepts including pitch, pulse and rhythm are taught using fun games and activities.

Our therapy approach also uses musical games and activities that focus on skills such as communication, sensory and motor-skills, impulse control and emotional wellbeing.

We learn how to read and write music in a fun and engaging way. Explore our favourite music, what it means to us and learn about the different styles, instruments and its history.

We help learners to find their voice and primarily use our voices and bodies in learning our musical skills. Don't worry if you've lost yours and are struggling to find it, or if you've never had one. We use Makaton signing to learn songs and teach pitch using hand signs and solfa.

Most importantly, we make friends and build relationships in a supportive, inclusive environment.

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